Moving Tips

Make a list

Although it is impossible to itemize every little thing, try to make a list of every room, and the packing that needs to be done.  That way you don't feel overwhelmed, and you can check off rooms as you go along.  Packing is a gargantuan task, and it helps to break it down room by room so it doesn't feel quite as daunting.  You can do this!  If you need help from the Easy Company Pros, don't be afraid to ask, we pack amazingly fast!

Have plenty of supplies

U-Haul has a box buyback program, so we reccomend buying more boxes and tape than you think you need.  Any supplies you don't use, U-Haul will buy back from you so you aren't stuck with a bunch of boxes you don't need.

Utilize wardrobe boxes

If you'd like your drycleaned clothes to stay wrinkle free, wardrobe boxes are an excellent investment to save yourself a trip to the dry cleaners.

Make sure EVERYTHING that can go in a box,goes into a box!

We can't emphasize this enough.  We are efficiency experts, so take our word for it, having EVERYTHING boxed up is key.  Understandably some items are too large, but anything that can get into a box, please do!  It will save you time and money!  Having too many small, loose items can add lots of extra time onto a move.

Label Where Boxes Go!

This way the Easy Company Pros know exactly where to go when we deliver your boxes to the house, and don't have to stop and ask questions.  This lets us move efficiently and get your job done with speed, so you can get to unpacking sooner.