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After 8 years of working for two of the most highly rated moving companies in Seattle, I decided it was time to start my own company.  Experience is key to safely transporting your belongings safely; it has led to Easy Company having a highly refined system, based on lessons learned over the course of thousands of moves.  

    Apartments with elevators that aren't locked down require a different system to maintain efficiency.  Sometimes you'll need to have a truck loaded with multiple stops and will need your items packed accordingly.  Parking can be inconvenient.  Many homes and apartments in Seattle aren't exactly "mover friendly."  There are lots of variables at play when it comes to coordinating a move in a busy area like Seattle.  It takes experience and professionalism to get the job done without causing any undue stress to the customer.  

What's an Easy Company?

The company is named after the unit my Grandfather served in during World War II, Easy Company(101st Airborne Division).  He taught me from a young age values that I still adhere to; Honesty, hard work, integrity, cutting no corners, and always doing your absolute best.  

     He met my Grandmother during world war  II, when Easy Co. liberated the nazi prison camp that she was in.  He ended up marrying her, and my father was born in Austria in 1946. If it wasn't for these events, my grandfathers bravery, and my grandmothers perseverance, I wouldn't be here starting a company.  So, I dedicate this company to their memory, so that their story will live on. I bring their values to every aspect of my business, and settle for nothing less from my team of professionals.

About Easy Company

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Areas We Serve

Our movers serve Seattle and all of Washington State

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