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Frequently Asked Questions About Movers

Answers from your #1 Seattle Movers, Easy Company Moving

Q: Do you have an hourly minimum?

A: We have a 1 hour minimum during the week, 4 hours on the weekend(Sat\Sun) per Washington State law.

Q: What is the best way to protect my floor if it rains?

A: Installing protection prior to move day for freshly refinished floors and carpets is a great way to protect your home from water and dirt being tracked inside. Although we'll have entryway pads to wipe our feet off, inevitably some of the moisture will make its way inside especially if it's raining.  
There are 2 proven solutions - Ramboard+painters tape for hardwood floors, and carpet protection film for your rugs and carpets. NOTE: Install Carpet protection film as close to move day as possible, and remove it as soon as the move is done. When removing the material, do so slowly - do not pull on a section and yank it up, this can separate your carpet from the floor and tackstrip. Take it slow and steady when removing it and you won't damage your carpet.

For your furniture, we recommend providing shrink wrap for us to apply, so that we can wrap your items and shield them from the rain while they're on their way in and out of the truck. We can also provide shrink wrap at $5 per item wrapped.

Q: Will you have hand trucks and dollies?

A: We have professional grade equipment on our trucks to facilitate your move. We are a professional moving company and the trucks are outfitted accordingly. Further, they are meticulously organized and swept out after every move to ensure we never have to look for items we need, and also to ensure nothing is left on the truck. This separates us from other companies - our trucks, and by extension our work, is never messy.

Q: Are you licensed and insured?

A: As a carrier we are fully compliant with Washington State UTC regulations. We are a licensed and insured company, with a supplemental general liability insurance policy(which isn’t required by the UTC). You can look us up here:

Q: Will you disassemble my bed?

A: Our team will come to you fully equipped for your move, and will be able to handle any disassembly and reassembly you need done.

Q: Do you use moving blankets?

A: Our trucks are stocked with over 100 professional grade moving blankets, which we will use on every item that you have. We’ll have more than enough to get your move done, which means we make no compromises when protecting your belongings.

Q: Are there any extra charges besides the hourly rate? Do you charge sales tax? What about credit card processing fees?

A: We don’t charge sales tax or a credit card processing fee, and it is illegal for a moving company in Washington State to do so per UTC regulation.

Shrink wrap is $5 per piece. We only use it when asked to, or if it is needed to keep a piece safe. For example, we would require a white leather or fabric sofa to be shrink wrapped to protect it from being soiled whatsoever. We also shrink wrap high value items - $5 is cheap insurance to protect valuable belongings.

The only other items we would charge a fee for are pianos and other items that are over 320lbs; the charge is based on the items weight and how many stairs must be traversed.

Q: Why is moving so expensive?

A: Providing moving service is an expensive endeavor; skilled labor is always in short supply and quality professional movers are the exception in the industry, not the rule. The men of Easy Company are well compensated for their work and we therefore have a very low rate of turnover, allowing us to hone our skills and provide a standard of service much higher than our competitors. Trucks are very expensive to maintain, and fuel is a significant cost as well. All of this is factored in to the price we charge. We might be a little higher than other companies, but that is mostly to retain our skilled staff. If you've ever hired movers before, you will truly appreciate our attention to detail and efficient system. If this is your first time hiring a moving company, I'm glad we got to set the standard and we'll be sure to impress.

Q: Your quote seems a little higher than other companies, why is that?

A: After completing 7000+ moves, one thing I’ve learned is that moving is often the theater of the unexpected - meaning that you never know what might happen in the course of the move. I bid high purposely, so that if we do run into difficulty it is accounted for. My quotes are non-binding so if it takes less time then that’s what you’ll pay for. Conversely, if there is more inventory than listed on your quote request form, or an unexpected challenge comes up, that will add time to the move.

Q: What do I need to load up my POD or freight container?

A: Most importantly you'll need a moving blanket for each item that needs to be protected in transit. Usually you'll be able to return moving blankets you don't use, but running out during the job will lead to additional time for your move as the work will have to stop until we have sufficient material to protect your belongings.

The next most important item to have is something to tie down and secure your items with. Ratchet straps also help, one pack of four is usually sufficient, but if you have more than one POD or a 24' - 26' truck I suggest 2. Cresnel mattress bags are also recommended; we can put them on during the move if you supply them. Shrink wrap is also needed - please purchase at least one 18" roll.

Q: What happens if something breaks or is damaged?

A: While we strive for perfection, and have a reputation for delivering a flawless moving experience, we are still human and there could be the rare event of damage to your furniture. We have several levels of damage protection coverage with and without deductible that are Washington State mandated, and we're happy to provide a complete and detailed explanation of coverage. Please see explanation below.

Damage Protection Coverage Options For Your Move

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